Partners and Sponsors

1.KIATO (partners) –

2.VETA (sponsors)

– This is a body established by the vocational education and training Act, Cap.82 of 2006 of the United Republic of Tanzania. Mountain climbing is among the top four activities by large number of safari going tourists world wide , in most cases tourist have been complaining of the services provided by porters citing inadequate training as among the reasons for inability to offer value for money services.

For this reason VETA has agreed to design tailor made programs for MKPS members which focuses on enhancing degree of customer satisfaction, this has increased workplace productivity and improve livelihoods of MKPS members.

What Veta does:

  • Conducts training needs assessment for MKPS members
  • Coordinate translation of training needs assessment into training program
  • Together with MKPS selects facilitators of the training programs
  • With MKPS organizes potential stakeholders to support / raise funds to facilitate training programs
  • Coordinates delivery of the training programs as per the identified training needs.
  • Conducting training and evaluation of training in collaboration with MKPS
  • Issues certificates of competence/attendance to patricians at the end of each program.
  1. Zara Charity (Partners)

    Zara Charity is a non profit organization founded in the year 2009 with certificate number 00NGO/00003212 registered under the organization Art of United Republic of Tanzania. Zara Charity was founded by Ms Zainab Ansell the director of Zara Tanzania Adventure who initiated a global movement of “giving back to the community” through the network of travel industry partners, organizations, travellers and global citizens who are interested in reaching out and supporting the vulnerable groups in Tanzania.

Zara Charity aims at improving the living and working conditions of the porters under MKPS. Most of the porters are either semi illiterate or illiterate for this reasons Zara Charity aims at liberating them poverty and provide them all the support it can.

What Zara Charity does:

  • Conducting English learning classes for porters so that they can be able to communicate with tourists
  • Providing all the porters under MKPS with health insurance due to the nature of work they do
  • Conducting financial management classes every low season to help the porters learn how to use and save the money they earn.
  • Conducting HIV AIDS classes to MKPS porters since it is a threatening disease in our country
  • Conducting First Aids training to porters so that they should be of help whenever anything happens during the climb.
  • Zara Tours (partners) 

– Zara Tours is a local company, established in 1986located in Moshi, Tanzania, providing high quality travel and tour services in the East Africa. Zara Tours has evolved into Tanzania’s largest Kilimanjaro outfitter and one of the largest safari operators in the region; currently operate 2 Hotels and 4-tented Camps in the northern circuit of Tanzania. Provide VIP, honeymoon and regular tours; Airport transfer, city-to-city transfer, ground handling services, groups and corporations from all over the world.

Zara Tours partnered with MKPS in the year 2002 where by since that time up to date MKPS porters are the one helping Zara Tours clients when they climb Mt Kilimanjaro. This ensures employment for the MKPS porters through Zara Tours. Porters support their families and run their lives through the jobs they get from Zara Tours.

What Zara Tours does:

  • Provides employment to MKPS porters
  • Provides quality climbing gears to the porters as they climb the mountain
  • Provides financial support and advice to MKPS whenever needed
  1. Tour Compass

    Tour Compass was founded in 2006 and already the first year we sent 70 guests to South Africa on an unforgettable journey. Since then, thousands of guests have chosen us as their travel agency, and today we offer safari trips to seven different destinations in Africa, including to popular safari destinations such as Tanzania and Kenya.

  2. eXploreplus-

    eXplore Plus Travel & Tours started in 2004 when Mariska Griffin and Rika Groenewald were sitting on a beach on Zanzibar, after climbing Kilimanjaro and decided, as they love travelling so much, why not start their own company. They began by selling Zanzibar and very soon they became one of the top 5 sellers to Zanzibar.

As they both grew up on farms in South Africa, they have always had a deep love for the bush. This naturally led them to focus more and more on African safaris and destinations. They soon realised there was a need for high quality itineraries based on in-depth knowledge, complemented by strong attention to detail.

  1. Kopa tours

    – Every Kopa employee has experienced the heights of Kilimanjaro and the thrills of Safaris – we can discuss our first-hand experiences and offer advice to you. We can picture you now – making that final step as you reach the Roof of Africa and cruising through the wide open Serengeti plains – let us help you make your African adventure a success!

  1. Predators Safaris

    Predators Safaris is a family-run business established in 1964 in Tanzania. We are one of the oldest tour and safari operators in the country. Our family has been passionate about the wilderness since childhood and we feel fortunate that our passion could be turned into a career.
    With our in-depth knowledge of two of the most amazing African countries, Tanzania and Kenya, we aim to offer an experience that will satisfy your needs and objectives.

  2. Africa Paradise Adventures (Partners)                                            Africa Paradise Adventures is a local company, established in 1986 located in Moshi, Tanzania, providing high-quality travel and tour services in East Africa. We have strong experience in years of the regional Tours & Travel industry.