Three projects


Mount Kilimanjaro cleanness

Every year MKPS organizes a climb which involves porters, staffs, sponsors, partners and locals

We all climb with the goal of picking up rubbish and other unwanted materials on the mountain. This helps in preserving the mountain for current and future use. This has been successful where by now we have people around the world who also want to join this climb and clean Kili..


Tree Planting Project

MKPS has had a tree nursery in Pasua where we grow trees

MKPS grow trees and supply them in different areas such as Pasua also in primary schools around the area. Also, MKPs organizes community meetings where we educate locals on the importance of trees, how to take care of them and what benefit will the current and future generation will get from the trees we plant.


Car wash

MKPS has a car wash in Pasua.

MKps cannot relay on sponsors and partners to support them always that is why we started a car wash in Pasua. Here different cars come to get washed and we make a small profit out of it which supports our day to day operations and makes the organization grow.


Ocean Cleanup Project

Cleaning the Tanzania Coast Area and the Ocean

MKPS established this project to deals with cleaning the Tanzania Coast Area and the ocean it self.

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers