MKPS Porter Stories

Since 2005, MKPS has positively impacted the lives of thousands of porters working on Mount Kilimanjaro. We are proud of our legacy and are humbled by the stories shared by our community of porters.

MKPS Community Service

Apart from the benefits gained by the porters by being the members of MKPS, the porters also have the opportunity to give back to the environment and the community by participating in Various Sustainable Tourism Projects Spearheaded by different Local Tours Companies and international companies such as;The Mount Kilimanjaro Clean Up Volunteer Trek Since 2014,Organizes A Kilimanjaro Clean up Volunteer trek. The six day event biannual event happens every April (sometimes early May depending on climatic conditions) and November. This project involves the climbing of Mount Kilimanjaro with the goal of picking up rubbish and other unwanted materials on the mountain. MKPS plays a significant role of providing manpower,restoring the trails and planting trees in the forest. The aim of this trek is to raise awareness on climate change and conserve the environment by preserving this precious ecosystem and biodiversity.

Tree Planting Project

Since 2009 our different partners has been committed to practicing sustainable tourism. It has since engaged in various outreach projects that benefit the community, the economy and the environment. Within it’s resources is a tree nursery. This has allowed our partners to engage in afforestation for environmental conservation more effectively, MKPS participates in the various tree planting campaigns and in educating the community on the importance of trees.

Anti-Plastic Pollution Campaign and Indian Ocean Coastline Clean up Ocean

plastic is estimated to kill millions of marine animals every year. Nearly 700 species, including endangered ones, are known to have been affected by it. For the second time this year, MKPS joined with different Charity alongside TESO and Environmental Foundation anti-plastic pollution and Indian Ocean Coastline clean up. The team engaged in a thorough clean-up of the Coastline focusing in the area called Deep Sea. The team was able to extract over 7 tons of waste 95% was plastic bags, 3% mineral water bottles and 2% other garbage. MKPS is humbled to be a part of Local Tours’ companies efforts to address one of the world’s greatest challenges; plastic pollution and is at the frontline in raising awareness of the need to eliminate plastic waste across the country. MKPS is not a mere society of porters but an organization that plays a significant role in improving working conditions and the livelihood of all porters. LocalTour companies and international company are proud of these progress made by MKPS in the years it has partnered with and will continue to support and play an important part in the lives and wellbeing of all our staff and partners.

Mt. Kilimanjaro cleanness

Every year Mkps organizes a climb which involves porters, staffs, sponsors, partners and locals whereby we all climb with the goal of picking up rubbish and other unwanted materials on the mountain. This helps in preserving the mountain for current and future use. This has been successful where by now we have people around the world who also want to join this climb and clean Kili.

Car wash

MKPS cannot relay on sponsors and partners to support them always that is why we started a car wash in Pasua. Here different cars come to get washed and we make a small profit out of it which supports our day to day operations and makes the organization grow.

Why do you Partner with us

Please share your experience of climbing Kilimanjaro with us.MKPS advocates that it is the duty of every climber,to take the steps needed to ensure that your support our mission provided by our Partners Tours company with fair and ethical treatment of their crew. In sharing your experience, you are helping MKPSs efforts regarding the proper treatment of Kilimanjaro porters.

Why do you Partners with us

How does our program work?
The Sustainable Tourism Program has proven to be instrumental in facilitating improvements of porter treatment on Mount Kilimanjaro. MKPS collects seasonal data on porter treatment including porter wages, tipping, bag weight, food provision and tent accommodation. This data is reported annually to Tanzanian government authorities and tour operator associations as well as MKPS Partner for Sustainable Tourism Program. Please refer to the Our Impact page for a summary of this information.

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Promote Ethical Kilimanjaro Climb
Established in 2005, the Mount Kilimanjaro Porters Society (MKPS) is a legally registered Tanzanian not-for-profit organization.