Impact of MKPS

MKPS incentives and benefits have been sponsored by Local Tours company through Charitable organization,our local Tours companies and international takes responsibility in ensuring quality climbing gear for all the porters, update MKPS has managed to provide 300 sets of quality professional Mountain climbing gear for the porters.MKPS has also facilitated the opening of Bank Accounts for the porters. This project has benefited 500 porters so far. Currently out local Tours sponsors health insurance for 500 MKPS porters through Charitable organization. Being the first society in Tanzania to cover mass low-income earner mountain crew with health partner with our local Tours we have facilitated First Aid training for 500 porters under Mount Kilimanjaro Porters society. The porter receive regular training to keep their minds refreshed (3 times a year).

Impact of MKPS on Women Porter’s Empowerment

Evolution Kill women empowerment project is based on the foundation of three key aspects; gender inclusion of women, equal employment opportunity, equal salary pay.
Our most fundamental goal is the creation of financially and ideologically independent women who can become leaders, and professionals in any given field at the local and community levels in Kilimanjaro trekking tours take place.
Our goal in the Travel industry is for our young women porters to aspire to become professional tour guides or at least have the opportunities to pursue their dreams to obtain a Diploma level education.
We are not just seeking women porters, we want women to empower themselves and other women by working within their local communities. Our wish is that they take direct autonomous control in the areas where most pertners operators take advantage of them.
Women Inclusion, Equal Employment Opportunity and Equal Salary Pay as the Basis of Financial Independence and Women Empowerment.


Since 2005, MKPS’s work has had a tremendous impact for porters climbing Mount Kilimanjaro:
Climbing Gear
Porters on 300+ climbs have been given MKPS’s mountain climbing gear for free-of-charge under donation of Charitable organizations.

Fair Treatment

9,000+ porters per year are ensured fair and ethical treatment through MKPS under our partners prominence with Mission of Providing Jobs for Tanzanian with gender balance in equal opportunity.

Health Training

500+ mountain crew have participated in MKPS’s free classes in English, HIV/AIDS Awareness and CoVid-19 vaccination. During this time of pandemic 500 have participated in Covid-19 Vaccine in Arusha with with classes Workshops about health treatment and fist aid which was facilitated under local tours companies, Charitable organization and Ministry of health and ministry of Natural resources and tourism.

Financial Management education

500+ Porter’s have Been knowledgeable about proper methods of saving and spending money ensure that the porters have concrete ways and strategies of spending money, this enables them to better take care of their families. In collaboration with Tour Companies.Mount Kilimanjaro Porter’s Society arranges financial management training classes for porters occasionally and ensures that all porters have bank accounts where their salaries are paid into. Bank accounts allow the porters to save money for the future, especially during low season when fewer tourists climb the Kilimanjaro.

Opening of Bank Account

500+ Porter’s have opened an account at Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) under facilitate of our partners and charitable organization. All porters under MKPS have their own bank accounts and bank cards. This helps them handle their money better.

Porter Rights Instruction

500+ porters have received instruction on Porter Rights through funding provided by different partners and Some donation from Tours Company.
Environmental Care
400+ mountain crew have received Leave No Trace certification in environmental care of Mount Kilimanjaro,and fire rescue Certeficate of Mountain Kilimanjaro. 40 porters are in the process of being certified as LNT Instructors.

First Aid Certification and Training

500+ mountain crew have been certified in First Aid and 94 porters and guides have been trained as First Aid Instructors.In order to reduce the risk of losing lives, for tourists, porters and guides, the society in collaboration with KINAPA and Ministry of Natural Resources by facilitated First Aid training for the porters under Mount Kilimanjaro Porters society. They are provided with basic mountain first aid training. This enables them to be of help for each other, in the case of an emergency and has also proven to be effective in incidents where a client is ill. The training is usually done during low season because this ensures that there are many porters available in town, allowing the course to attain a high attendance rate.

Health Insurance

500+ porter’s have received health insurance due to the nature of the work the porters do, it is easy to get sick or injured on the job. Therefore,all porters under Mount Kilimanjaro Porters Society are registered on the National Health Insurance Fund to provide them security if they get sick or injured while working. At the beginning of every high season (where there are more tourists climbing Kilimanjaro), Mount Kilimanjaro Porter’s society ensures that all porters are healthy and medically checked, so that at the start of the season everyone is physically fit. This benefit goes hand in hand with rule 8 of the Mountains National Parks Regulations of 2003 which provides that the Registered Porters Association shall make sure that all porters intending to climb any
mountain are healthy and physically fit and have justified their fitness by submitting medical certificates. They do this once every twelve months.
In 2018, approximately 500+ porters working under MKPS-approved Partner for Sustainable tourism under Loca agency pertners and international pertners benefitted from:

A Fair Salary

Although Tanzanian Government Notice No. 228 on 29th June, 2009 has declared a minimum wage, the salary amounts paid are variable and can be as low as 8000-10,000Tsh per day.MKPS under it’s mission Porters wages at least 20,000Tsh per day out of tip,the average daily salary payment was 30,000Tsh – 35000Tsh include tips, as minimum tip for Porter is 35$ .

Transparent Gratuities

MKPS under pertnership with Tour Companies have tipping procedures and climbers may give the guide the tip money assuming s/he will distribute the tip fairly. It is a Partner requirement to have transparency in tipping and MKPS reviews the tipping procedure on every climb.

Sufficient Nutrition

Porters may eat 1 or 2 meals per day on a climb. The MKPS with Partnership with Your companies are committed to providing 3 meals per day with good portion quantity of meals per days as reported on 99% of the climbs.

Quality Accommodations

MKPS ensure Porters may have proper sleeping accommodations and and proper uniform with all equipment needed for climbing Kilimanjaro. our partners Company porters slept in good quality tents and had adequate sleeping space 98.5% of the time.

Pack Weight Regulations

MKPS under Partnership with Tours companies ensure weigh the bags prior to going to the gate. This helps ensure both the appropriate number of porters and that they are carrying bags that follow the 20kg weight regulation.

Meet the Porters

As a locally-based not-for-profit organization, MKPS is closely connected to the Kilimanjaro porter community. To learn more about our work, read our porter impact stories.

OUR IMPACT:MKPS Porter Stories

Since 2005, MKPS has positively impacted the lives of thousands of porters working on Mount Kilimanjaro. We are proud of our legacy and are humbled by the stories shared by our community of porters.

MKPS Community Service

Apart from the benefits gained by the porters by being the members of MKPS, the porters also have the opportunity to give back to the environment and the community by participating in Various Sustainable Tourism Projects Spearheaded by different Local Tours Companies and international companies such as;The Mount Kilimanjaro Clean Up Volunteer Trek Since 2014,Organizes A Kilimanjaro Clean up Volunteer trek. The six day event biannual event happens every April (sometimes early May depending on climatic conditions) and November. This project involves the climbing of Mount Kilimanjaro with the goal of picking up rubbish and other unwanted materials on the mountain. MKPS plays a significant role of providing manpower,restoring the trails and planting trees in the forest. The aim of this trek is to raise awareness on climate change and conserve the environment by preserving this precious ecosystem and biodiversity.